Front door.

Front door.

From the inauguration of the cabin. Main common room seen from the mezzanine.

Main common room looking towards the front door lobby and the kitchen.

The smaller common room.


The cabin seen from the entrance side.

From the construction. After more than 10 000 hours of communal labour the design and construction were completed.

From the construction.

From the construction.

Main plan. Left hand part (grid line 1-12) will be phase 2 of the construction.

Cross section.

Competition sketch.

Site plan.

In the autumn of 2011, the student organisation at the Civil and Environmental Engineering department of NTNU invited the architecture students to a design competition for a new student cabin. A year and a half later, after 10 000 hours of communal labour involving 150 students, the cabin was finished.
Shared cabins provide an antidote to the increasingly luxurious holiday homes that are being built for private clients. They are in frequent use by a lot of people, who can participate at a modest cost. This cabin is not accessible by private car, and has no water or electricity, but sleeps 30 people and is shared by about 1000 students.
As in all buildings for collective living, the relationships between private and public zones have to be clearly defined. The plan is a simple linear structure, where the smaller rooms stay connected to the big shared living room. The sloping section allows for bedspaces on a mezzanine.