Cabin at Norderhov.
The glazed façade opens south, to the view.

Cabin at Norderhov.
The glazed façade opens south, to the view.

The cabin has just one large space, with internal and external nooks. View from the sitting area towards the kitchen and the view beyond.

The fire place is the focus of all the interior spaces.

Sitting area, where the floor becomes a bench.

Towards the bedroom.

Wallmounted LED fitting with blown glass cover.

Around the fireplace, the wood block floor is replaced with marble tiles.

Vaulted plywood ceilings.

Detail of the basalt stone cladding.

The cabin from the north, from the back. Dark and closed. The black basalt cladding could be mistaken for the same panelling as the surrounding cabins.



Axonometric showing the layers of the construction.

Site model.

Plywood sheet cutting layout.

Vertical details at eaves and sill.

Horizontal detail at window opening.

The project is located in Krokskogen forest, where the client wanted to replace an older cabin with a new structure of the same size in the same location. The new cabin forms a number of sheltered corners. The interior is one continuous open space, centred on the fireplace, with a floor that follows the slopes of the terrain to make steps, seats and benches. Other furnishings are built into and follow the geometry of the walls.

The cabin is built from prefabricated laminated plywood elements. The floor is birch woodblock. The external cladding is 20 mm sheets of black basalt, with dimensions in keeping with the surrounding cabins. It has no mains electricity or running water, but solar cells are integrated in the roof.