Rundeskogen. The recessed ground floor creates a sheltered area for communal activities.

Rundeskogen. The recessed ground floor creates a sheltered area for communal activities.

Site plan with the three towers.

  1. Maximum building volume.
  1. Volume is split.
  1. Units are oriented towards sun and view.
  1. Penthouses and balconies added.

The Rundeskogen blocks balance views in and views out.

The recessed ground levels allow for playgrounds and other planned and unplanned activities.

The façade is clad with triangular sheets of high-pressure laminate. The sheets are all different, and angled to give a continuously shifting play of light and shadow.

The recessed ground level playground.

The winter gardens have level access and insulated folding doors for maximum climatic flexibility.

The ground floor entrances of the three towers are at different levels.

The project is located in a typical residential neighbourhood with detached houses, and has tried to find a balance between the tall blocks, the public green areas and the view of the fjord.

Tower 2. Entrance level, at level 3.

Tower 2. 10th floor plan. Scale 1:125.

Tower 2. 15th floor plan. Scale 1:125.

Axonometric projection showing the energy systems.

Axonometric projection showing the main structural scheme and elements.

Facade detail at junction of middle and upper plane.

Facade detail at intermediate floor.

Facade detail at junction with ground floor recess.

The Rundeskogen apartments are situated at an infrastructural node between three city centres on the west coast of Norway. Single-family houses and small-scale housing projects dominate the region, creating a context that accentuates the height and volume of the project, which is also a result of the requirement to keep a distance to a recently discovered Viking grave on the neighbouring hillside. The three towers contain 113 units, ranging from 60 sq. m. to 140 sq. m., with the highest tower reaching 16 stories. The star-shaped core structure is in concrete, with secondary parts in timber. To minimize the footprint of the three towers and retain the neighbours’ view of the fjord, the first floors have been lifted off the ground, cantilevering from the core, creating covered outdoor spaces at ground level.

Each apartment has an integrated winter garden, with fully insulated glass façades allowing flexible, year-round use. Other environmental features include solar collectors on the roof, heat recovery from grey water and ground source heat pumps. Every apartment buyer received a complementary bike and their own fruit tree in the garden.