Vedahaugane rest stop.

Vedahaugane rest stop.

The path and the bench are parts of a fully reversible intervention.

The path leads to a cave, a den.

Entrance to the den.

The installation "Den" by artist Mark Dion. An artificial bear asleep on her hoard...

Vedahaugane has always been a resting point on the road between Lærdal Valley and the Aurland mountains.

Site plan.

Cross section through the den at the end of the path.

Vedahaugane has been a rest stop on the trip across these mountains from time immemorial. The 90 metre concrete path leads from the parking area over to the best views of the grand landscape. The intention was to do as little as possible, and for all construction to be reversible. The path and the 25 metre long bench are supported off the ground on poles.

After completion, the artwork “Den” by American artist Mark Dion was added as an extension to the walkway. “Den” consists of an underground cave where an artificial bear sleeps on top of a heap of objects from many periods and places.