The fishing bridges at Myrbærholmen.

The fishing bridges at Myrbærholmen.

The fishing bridge at Myrbærholmen.

Detail of the structural steel railing and main supporting beams.

Seating at the end of one of the bridges.

Access stair in sheet steel with structural railing.

Fishing on the road before the construction of the fishing bridge. Dangerous...

The fishing bridges at Myrbærholmen, on the spectacular Atlanterhavsvegen road.

Structural plan.

Cross section of bridge with the new walkways on both sides.

Site plan.

Detail of handrail and bridge elements.

To make the road bridge safe for people taking advantage of the excellent fishing, two pedestrian bridges were added to the side of the existing bridge structure. The new bridges are attached to the existing as prefabricated steel cantilevers, structurally separate to allow separate landing points and to avoid damage in the event of a road bridge collision. The bridges are universally accessible.