Bergen University College, Kronstad. Kronstadplassen, the entrance square.

Bergen University College, Kronstad. Kronstadplassen, the entrance square.

Main entrance.

From the main foyer.

Foyer facing courtyard garden.

The library is located in the old railway workshop halls.

From the cafeteria.

The old workshop doors are part of the new sports hall.

Main entrance.

Old and new façade, with artwork by Anne Gry Løland.

Artwork seen from the inside.

Café Garden.

Library Garden.

Terrace, 2nd floor level.

From the old turntable, view towards sports hall.

Bergen University College, Kronstad.

Ground floor plan with outdoor furnishing.

First floor plan.

Third floor plan.

Short section.

Long section.

Landscaping plan.

The 51.000 sq.m. of the new Bergen University College is comparable to a medium-sized Norwegian village. The main new structure is conceived like a metal snake, resting on eight new brick volumes. This “snake” coils around four old brick buildings, ending at the Kronstad square with a “tail” at one end and a raised “head” in the shape of a tower at the other end. This shape provides several entrances, granting easy access to the school’s many departments.
The Norwegian State Railways formerly occupied the site, with workshops in the four brick halls. These buildings now contain student facilities, cafeteria, library and sports hall. The façades and interiors of the complex are inspired by the unpretentious and characteristic architecture of the old workshops.


The outdoor areas of the new Bergen University College campus at Kronstad measure approx. 26 900 sq.m., more than half of the campus’ total area.
Several gardens and outdoor zones have been created, incorporating principles of universal access as well as durability. The school offers parking for 900 bicycles, and the main access is by public transport.