A long, narrow site resulted in a two-storey building, stretched horizontally.

A long, narrow site resulted in a two-storey building, stretched horizontally.

The outdoor areas are on several levels.

The foyer with canteen and amphitheatre.

Teaching space.

From the vestibule inside the main entrance.

From one of the teaching bases, seen from the locker room.

Clerestory windows allow daylight into the deepest areas of the plan.

Bicycle parking.

Activity street.

Outdoor area at upper level.

Landscaping plan. 1. Main entrance, entrance lower grades 2. Entrance sports hall, entrance grades 5-7 3. Teaching, workshop 4. Bicycle parking 5. Storage, covered area 6. Activity street 7. Goods delivery 8. Existing sports field

Plan. 1. Main entrance 2. Storage 3. Light roof 4. Pergola 5. Teaching base and lockers 6. Teaching room 7. Teacher workstation 8. Group teaching 9. Storage 10. Copier, storage 11. Student lockers 12. After-school club 13. Plant room 14. Cleaning 15. Teaching space 16. Amphitheatre 17. Hall with stage 18. Storage 19. Fitness room 20. Library 21. Meeting room, staff 22. Meeting room 23. Office 24. Archive 25. Kitchen 26. Servery 27. Music 28. Rehearsal room 29. Science 30. Soft materials, ceramics 31. Hard materials 32. Machinery, wood store 33. Entrance, vestibule 34. Teacher lockers 35. Nurse 36. Doctor, councellor 37. Superviser 38. Foyer and canteen 39. Teaching base 40. Hall, stands

Section A-A.

Detail section at parapet, tarrace and general detail where wall meets terrain.

A central “street” connects the parts of the outdoor landscape, and contrasts the quieter courtyards within and between the different building volumes.

The structure is a combination of cross-laminated timber elements in the outer walls, and laminated timber beams in the inner construction, with simple timber beams in floors and roofs. The sedum-covered roof is an important part of the local rainwater handling.

Daylight has been prioritised throughout, with cuts into the overall rectangular form allowing deep daylight penetration. There are also clerestorylights in the deepest parts of the plan, in connection with the seven ventilation towers.