Entrance side with gallery access. The galleries are dimensioned for use, not just for circulation.

Entrance side with gallery access. The galleries are dimensioned for use, not just for circulation.

From the Ryfylkegaten facade.

Støperigaten facade.

Stair to mezzanine.

From mezzanine.

Second floor plan.

Second floor plan. Mezzanine.

The building was originally planned for first-time buyers and younger home buyers. However, the design of the apartments proved to be an answer to challenges involved in facilitating more flexible solutions in a longer perspective than is normal in relation to the size of the apartments. The room solutions and design details are simple, so the residents can alter and upgrade the dwelling themselves.

The planning began with the outdoor areas. The roof terrace, the broad access galleries, the play areas and the passage through the block are designed with regard for the way the building relates to the urban fabric around it and to the public spaces. A common laundry and a common room for the residents have been incorporated into the ground floor, with a door out to a small play area to the north. The common room will be available to residents for meetings and other social activities.

All of the apartments have an open mezzanine over the living room. Most of them also have a mezzanine over the bedroom. The ceiling height of the apartments is up to 4.5 metres, and the open mezzanines provide additional space. Some bedrooms have an en-suite bathroom and minikitchen, which makes them suitable for letting out. All of the apartments have a south-west oriented balcony or terrace. The façade facing the street is designed with open approaches, cantilevered open lofts and steps leading directly from the pavement to the roof terrace. Galleries vary in width, and it is possible for the residents to furnish common meeting places on the galleries, facing the street. The façades to the north and west are designed to be in keeping with the neighbouring buildings, and have a more conventional expression, with white-painted panelling and vertical windows.