Sønderhagen, stage 1.

Sønderhagen, stage 1.

Godlove and Prudencia Bai from Cameroon live in a two level, 60 sq.m. end row house.

Grete Hubred is a pensioner, and her grandchildren use one of the bedrooms.

From Grete Hubred’s house.

Ninos Thalia and his wife live in a 50 sq.m. unit in a four-unit house in B5.

Communal garden area in stage 1. All units have large windows facing the communal area

Stage 1. Entrance areas with shed.

Communal area with playground, stage 3-4.

Stage 2-3-4.

Stage 2-3-4. Covered entrances overlooked by the kitchen window.

Stage 4. Many of the row houses were sold to people who knew each other.

Stage 4.

The smallest units were the most sought-after, so stage 5 is made up of even smaller units, organised in blocks of four.

The units in stage 5 have balconies facing the communal area.

Site plan. Stage 1.-4. are built, stage 5 is under construction, stage 6 is planned.

Stage 1, level 1.

Stage 1, level 2.

Stage 4, plan level 1.

Stage 4, plan 2.

Stage 5, plan level 1.

Stage 5, plan level 2.

Short and long section through house in B5.

This housing development is built on a simple idea: Affordable quality homes for first-time buyers, a large group of potential customers who are currently having great difficulty breaking into the market. The approved plan allowed a few significant exceptions from normal practice: limited indoor space is balanced by generous communal outdoor areas, and a private terrace adjoining the communal space extends each living room.

The first four building phases consist of 60, 80 and 100 sq.m. row houses. As it became clear that the smaller units sold first, the last building phases has more smaller units – 10 quadruplets facing a communal garden. All ground floor units have universal access. All 115 units were sold well before completion, and a further 150 units are in planning.