Street facade facing Korsgata.

Street facade facing Korsgata.

Main street entrance.

Facade facing the inside of the block. Most flats have a south aspect, and through daylight.

All flats have private balcony.

From one of the top level flats.

The flats vary from 31,5 to 85,5 sq.m., and there are both single- and double level units.

From one of the flats.


Korsgata in the winter. The surrounding fabric is a rare example of 19th- and 20th century mixed development.


The urban block surrounding this project is a combination of buildings from different periods and with different purposes, an example of 19th and 20th-century mixed industrial and residential fabric. The new building responds to this by offering 12 flats with a variety of plan types from 35 to 85 sq.m., for people in different phases of life, which also gives an efficient use of the available site.

All flats have a south-facing balcony of minimum 6 sq.m., most are dual aspect and the top flats have private roof terraces. Service cores are in the centre of each flat.