Entrance level yard with parking garage.

Entrance level yard with parking garage.

Street view.

TView from the kitchen.

Site plan.

Short section through site. Existing adjacent houses left and right. 1. Entrance, 2. Lobby, 9. Living, 12. Bedroom, 13. Terrace.

Basement floor. 1. Entrance, 2. Lobby, 3. Garage and store, 4. Basement room, 5. Utility room, 6. Store, 7. Bathroom.

Ground floor. 9. Living, 10. Living, library, 11. Kitchen.

First floor. 6. Store, 7. Bathroom, 9. Living, 12. Bedroom, 13. Terrace.

Densification of existing suburbs requires high quality architecture to insure that the new developments continue to build on existing characteristics and connections. This single-family house was built for sale, and the client agreed to invest in the planning, the execution and long-term solutions.

The house forms part of the existing street rhythm. The narrow site is part of an existing garden, but incorporates a yard and parking facilities, as well as private outdoor areas on all sides. Both existing and new houses have good sunlight aspects.

The basement is in concrete, with two timber frame storeys on top and timber panelling externally. The compact volume includes a number of passive energy measures.