The facade facing the village, with a new porch.

The facade facing the village, with a new porch.

Facing the view, the facade is a collage of old and new parts.

Ten small rooms have been combined into one large space.

The structure is a combination of old and new elements.



Sketch detail of timber wall with glass panel.

The existing building have been altered many times and consisted of a combination of post-and-beam and log construction above an earth floor cellar, with ten tiny rooms. The client wanted a simple and functional summer house, open to the view.

A new glass façade opens one wall of the kitchen, and allows the log structure behind the glass to act as a heat store. Only the bedroom is retained, the rest of the house opened up to form one large space. The walls have been wind-proofed and the existing metal sheet roof has a new layer of timber boarding. A new ­entrance lobby on the western side allows for storage of clothes and equipment.