The central park with Groruddammen pond.

The central park with Groruddammen pond.

Groruddammen pond.

Groruddammen gives new access to the river.

Groruddammen. The stairway is part of the water purification scheme.

Groruddammen pond with the new dam at the outlet into the Alna River.

The dam.

The ravine is designed as part of a surface water handling strategy.

A new pedestrian path crosses a small ravine.

A new pedestrian path crosses a small ravine.

The Leirfossen waterfall.

Hølaløkka, swimming deck.

Hølaløkka, edge detail.

Lower Kalbakk Bridge.

New bridge at Bleikedammen pond.

Plan of the Grorud park, from Grorud in the north to Hølaløkka in the south.

Plan of the central park with Groruddammen pond.

Section. Dam at the outlet of Groruddammen.

Section. Oil separator for road water runoff.

The vision for the Grorud valley rehabilitation has been to reinforce blue-green structures by reopening the Alna watercourse. An open watercourse contributes to the self-cleansing ability of the streams, preserves ecological diversity and offers recreational possibilities. The Leirfossen waterfall was reopened in 2011 after having been closed for 40 years, and has become an attraction with its 15-metre drop.
The new Grorud park is designed with structures made with robust, durable materials. All the woodwork has been treated in order to reduce the environmental impact. Local granite has been used, and sustainable material use and local processing of materials have been a priority.
The lighting scheme is designed to protect the nocturnal wildlife and the biodiversity of the area.