The Ikaros complex.

The Ikaros complex.

Meeting room. The old wall surfaces are exposed, inviting future possible alterations.

Production space 1 with new acoustic wall linings.

The restored staircase in the old bank building.

Black box in the vault on the first floor.

Production space on the 3rd floor, with mural by Vanessa Baird.

Stripping out of the office building on the corner of Tollbugata and Øvre Slottsgate.

A new roof over the former rear yard creates a winter garden.

A new lift shaft is sunk into the Oslo clay.

A large-scale model allowed everyone involved to take part in the discussion of spaces, functions and connections.

The discussion model.

The discussion model.


Ground floor. 1. Marble Hall, 2. Marble stair, 3. Main entrance, 4. Winter garden, 5. Restaurant, 6. Staff entrance, 7. Delicatessen

Level 3. 2. Marble stair, 8. Corner Hall, 9. Meeting room, 10. Board Room, 11. Gold Bar, 12. Vault, 13. Workspaces.

Level 4. 13. Workspaces, 14. Ensemble room, 15. Social zone, 16. Gymnasium.

Site plan. 1. Sentralen. 2. Parliament building. 3. Akershus Castle. 4. Tollbugata. 5. Øvre Slottsgate.

Sentralen is a transformation of a late 19th century bank- and office building into a new culture hub. Following an open design competition, user groups of 6-8 people studied the functional requirements and solutions of all the different areas, and a large model was used to focus the discussions. Ensuring flexibility throughout was a priority, to allow changes over time, both in spaces and in services. The buildings are registered as cultural heritage, and a continuous dialogue with the conservation authorities has also been maintained throughout. Marks acquired over time have been left visible, and certain spaces have been restored to former glory. A minimum of new elements have been added.