West-facing facade.

West-facing facade.

The skate hall.

Skating the ramps.

The underside of “The Bowl”.

The underside of “The Bowl”.

The reception.


The skate hall seen from Stavangergata. The aluminium facade is perforated with a pattern of morse code.

Outdoor skate park to the north and east.

Outdoor skating.

Site plan. The landscaping includes a 640 sq.m. outdoor skate park. 1. Main entrance 6. Café 7. Skate hall 22. Skating area 23. Hangout and skating 24. Parking 25. Footpath

Ground floor plan. 1. Main entrance 2. Reception 3. Lobby 4. Waiting zone 6. Café 7. Skate hall 8. Refuse store 10. Plant room 11. Street 12. Bowl 13. Vert 14. Mini ramp 15. Changing rooms 21. Port

First floor plan. 15. Changing rooms 16. Void 17. Circulation 18. Activity space 19. Media room 20. Technical room

Section. 3. Lobby 6. Café 7. Skate hall 15. Changing rooms 17. Circulation 18. Activity space

North-east fasade

South-east fasade

Skateboarding was banned in Norway until 1989. During the ban, a strong underground skateboarding culture developed and grew, and their efforts during the recent decades to establish an indoor skating arena have finally come to fruition. This project has been designed with and for the skaters, but they also wanted it to be an arena for the whole neighbourhood.

The hall consists of two opposing volumes, which open in two directions and divide the hall into two levels. The first level is for skating, furnished with specialist elements, and the second level is a viewing gallery. In the summer, the café opens onto a sunny covered outdoor area with terraced seating.