Military training facility, Haakonsvern, Bergen

Military training facility, Haakonsvern, Bergen

The restrained use of vegetation on the sports field is a contrast to the forested hill in the background.

Outdoor sports field.

Detail of external cladding.

Main entrance.

Reception and main staircase.

Looking from the foyer into the swimming pool.

Swimming pool.

The diving tower between the two swimming pools.

Detail of diving tower staircase.

Restitution pool.

Sports hall.


The quayside military training facilities with rigs for climbing and boarding practice.


This navy training centre combines facilities for specialist military training with civilian use, and functions also as a social meeting place for the 5000 military and civilian staff of the Håkonsvern army base. It consists of large elements, like sports halls and –fields and indoor and outdoor swimming pools. The buildings are located on a landfill by the fjord, facing a small wooded hillside.

The foyer, between the multi-use hall and the pools, is the social meeting point. Changing facilities are along a corridor to the rear, with offices on the upper level above. Specialist installations include an artificial ship’s side for boarding practice.