South-facing facade.

South-facing facade.

The view down to Lake Mjøsa and the east-facing facade.

The living space looking west towards the kitchen.

The main ground floor living space.

A section of the north facade. Slow-growth spruce panelling.

Internal stair to 1st floor.

Wall and ceiling in smoked oak veneer.

South facade.

Working drawing. Plan level 0.

Working drawing. Plan level 1.

Working drawing. Plan level 2

Working drawing of staircase railing.

Screenshot of structural model.

This single-family house is located on a rural site with a wide view across Lillehammer to Lake Mjøsa. The property comprises three houses around a courtyard. One – the main house – is currently completed. The second is a sound studio, the third will be a guest house, and the whole assembly is planned as a modern farmyard, a place to live and work.

The three-storey main house has a timber structure consisting of a number of uniform 200 x 200mm members, preassembled into frames, with bracing added on-site as required. The structure is exposed internally, particularly present in the large first floor living spaces.

The façade to the south is mainly glass, stepped to avoid flashing details. The north timber wall has only small openings. The external panelling is slow-growth spruce, treated with iron vitriol.

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