I believe Danish composer Per Nörgård will find a home for his compositions here, or Norwegian Arne Nordheim ... and the spacious wooden floor could provide a setting for Grotovsky’s productions of medieval drama – in fact for the entire modern movement, which really came to a halt because of a lack of spatial challenge.

Kongens Nytorv is a fantastic geographical location in Copenhagen. On one side is the outward journey, represented by the great liners in the dock, and on the other side the inward journey, to the pulsating life of the city.

The new theatre will be built between Peder Skrams gate and Tordenskiolds gate, fitting fairly anonymously into the block in the shadow of the building commonly known as Stærekassen, «The Starling Box». The important point about this project is that the entire new complex, and all five theatres, must be able to communicate with the great square, and also – since we now have the opportunity – with the dockside.

Due to the monumental nature of Stærekassen, the entrance will be of a size and design that make it seem unbelievably airy under its white shell structure, in contrast with the more enclosed facades that surround it. It will float like a kind of bird’s wing over some of the old buildings.

Inside the foyer, Stærekassen lies like an illuminated jewel, providing the scale for the large, airy foyer behind.

A theatre is an enclosed room where you sit still in your numbered seat for seve-ral hours, and it is therefore delightful to be able to emerge into a large, open space.

In this space you become part of the real theatre of life, and movement is created by stairs and bridges linking the various levels.

The foyer has sufficient capacity to function as a lively venue for various types of cultural activity. There are also plans for a book café.

The bridges, for example, will be the actors’ link between the old dressing rooms and the new theatres. The actors will therefore also have the possibility of participating in the busy life of the foyer.

We have chosen to locate the large restaurant at the top of the building, with views across the familiar domes and towers of Copenhagen’s beautiful skyline. It provides a perspective very different from the floor of the foyer and the urban situation beyond.

When you emerge from the theatre, you will step into an atmosphere which hopefully provides a lively contrast with the world of illusion you have just left.

With this project, Kongens Nytorv will gain a building which opens up and wishes you welcome. It will also be a poetic event – a supplement to the diversity of architectural expression that already exists in the square.

Collaborator: Henrik Hille.