The main stair and the foyer opens up to the harbour in Flekkefjord.

The main stair and the foyer opens up to the harbour in Flekkefjord.

The foyer after a performance.

The stair and the continuous ceiling connects inside and outside.

The view of Flekkefjord harbour.

Main auditorium.

Library, ground floor.

School for cultural activities, second floor.

Rehearsal room with a view of the old centre of Flekkefjord.

The harbour facade.

First floor mezzanine with entrance to auditorium and black box.

The roof lines of the new building adjusts to the surrounding buildings.

Site plan.

Ground floor. 1. Main entrance 2. Library 3. Club 4. Black box 5. Stage entrance 6. Side entrance for public 7. Deliveries 8. Refuse.

First floor plan. 9. Foyer entrance 10. Terrace 11. Foyer 12. Kiosk 13. Servery 14. Cinema 15. Concert hall 16. Culture school, rehearsals 17. Artist dressing room 18. Back stage.

Second floor plan. 10. Terrace 14. Cinema 15. Concert hall 19. Administration 20. Culture school, art 21. Cinema projection room 22. Mezzanine


The new cultural centre is located by the harbour in the small town of Flekkefjord. It comprises a theatre, cinema, library, black box, youth club and school for cultural activities. The site is surrounded by small-scale traditional timber houses, and the building had to combine all the new functions as compactly as possible. The roof slopes down to meet the roof heights of the surrounding buildings, but the façade facing the water is glazed and open.

The main element is the big stair facing the harbour, which is used as seating and connects inside and outside. Above it the ceiling also continues from the outside in, folding down to form the rear wall of the foyer.

The cantilevering roof is constructed with glulam beams, whilst the walls and floors are in concrete, clad internally with birch plywood.

landscape architects: Asplan Viak AS