The ground floor pub.

From the conference centre on the upper level.

The restaurant, with E. C. Dahl’s portrait.

Erich Christian’s Chamber on the ground floor.

Table in the pub.


top: Elevation behind the bar. Middle: First floor plan. Conference centre. Bottom: Ground floor plan. Pub and restaurant. 1. Entrance to pub and restaurant 2. Terrace 3. Parking 4. Pub 5. Stair 6. Beer room 7. Bar 8. Restaurant 9. Elevator 10. Kitchen 11. Storage 12. Erich Christian’s Chamber 13. Conference centre 14. Cloakroom

E.C. Dahl’s was an independent brewery until the 1980’s. In one of the former brewery buildings, a masonry building from 1900, the clients wanted to create a new restaurant concept, a simple and industrial interior focussing on beer in a historical context.

The new pub and kitchen is located on two levels, with pub and restaurant on the first level and room for larger gatherings, from 20 to 150 people, in four upstairs spaces that can be combined into one large space.

The rendered interior walls turned out to be made of brick, which has been exposed in the new design, and combined with concrete and dark oak floors with contrasting zones of concrete tile, leather upholstery and a mixture of industrial and tungsten lighting for a warm atmosphere. Architects for the space planning and building renovation have been Norconsult Solem Arkitektur.